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I was wondering when it was gonna happen. The day I finally got called out by my local cafe about my culinary meanderings here on “Forage.” It wasn’t four months ago that my husband just “happened to mention,” during a … Continue reading

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Drunk Food

Drunk food. We all know it. We all love it….because when we eat it, we are, well, DRUNK. I have spent a lot of time in bars in my twenties. I have been a bartender, cocktail waitress, patron and football … Continue reading

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The Great Okinawan Taco Revolution

There is a strange, hilarious eccentricity in the food world of Okinawa that I have been fascinated by since the moment I arrived on the island. It is, can only be, the most bizarre anachronistic culinary¬† randomness one could imagine. … Continue reading

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The Loss of Taste

I would like to say that these past few months….well half a year, more or less….that I have been away have been full of culinary delights and adventures so profound that I had not the time to share with you, … Continue reading

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I Would Like The Disaster Please, With A Bottle of Sancerre.

When I posted this particular blog, a few months ago, on my personal site, I was told by many of my friends and family that I should start a food blog, so I thought it appropriate to start things off … Continue reading

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