Ryan’s Romantic Rescue

I recently was asked to be a guest writer on a lovely, sexy blog, “Lovin’ With Lola” (http://lolakbooks.blogspot.jp/ ) and of course I have been a lazy little cook who has yet to do the shopping for the blog I want to write for her! However, I stole her great idea and asked a friend of mine, who is a twitter-pated newlywed, but more importantly, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, to write a no-nonsense recipe blog for Forage. He is also an old friend, and not a little bit snarky. I am pleased to present Ryan Klindtworth’s Romantic Rescue, be it for your first date, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or whenever you want to get laid. This is a great, 4-course spread that is “guy-friendly” so send it along to your friends!

Chef Ryan To The Rescue!!!!

Chef Ryan To The Rescue!!!!


by Ryan Klindtworth

Do you have your reservation for Valentine’s Day yet?  It’s not far away. What do you mean you don’t have your reservation?  Great, now you have to show the woman in your life how you feel about her with a coupon to your favorite chain restaurant! It’s time for option B. Now you have to cook it all by yourself.  Guess what! Option B is so much better! Trust me when I say this, it’s very sexy to cook for the person you care about.   What I have here are 4 courses to wow, and impress her.

Course 1:  The Appetizer-Prosciutto Wrapped Melon

Food Needed:

1 Cantaloupe

6 oz Prosciutto


Cut melon in half and remove seeds.  Cut the melon halves into quarters and cut into cubes.  Wrap the cantaloupe with the Prosciutto, and put a toothpick to hold meat in place…ready to serve.

Course 2:  Caesar Salad

Food Needed:

3 oz Caesar Dressing (you could make it, but you will have your hands full. *Natasha has a note on this to follow)

10 oz Chopped Romaine Lettuce

2 oz Pecorino Romano

3 oz Croutons


Toss lettuce and dressing.  Season with cheese and croutons.  (Easiest part of the whole dinner, so don’t try to over think it.  No woman has ever been impressed by an ability to make salads.)

Course 3:  Dinner-Chicken Parm

Food needed:

2 Chicken breasts


2 Eggs-to make and egg wash

Bread Crumbs

Olive Oil

Marinara Sauce

4 slices Mozzarella Cheese


Pound chicken down to a nice thin piece, about a quarter inch.  The thinner the chicken, the faster it will cook.  Once you feel it’s ready, season the chicken with salt and pepper.  Dredge chicken with flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs.  Put chicken off to the side until all chicken is ready to cook.  Once chicken is ready, heat up a pan, and add a little olive oil, enough to coat but not drown the breaded chicken.  You want to cook it until it is golden brown on both sides.  Cook on a low flame so that you ensure that the chicken is cooked all the way through.  Salmonella is not a nice way of saying I love you.  Dry off excess oil from chicken and put on a cookie sheet.  Put marinara on top, enough to cover, but not directly on the edges of the chicken, leave a little room so it doesn’t spill onto the pan.  Mozzarella goes on top of that, 2 slices on each piece of chicken.  Put in an oven, set for 350, and cook until cheese is melted. Serve with garlic bread and pasta (I really hope I don’t have to explain how to make pasta.)

Where's my glass?

Where’s my glass?

 Course 4: Dessert-Banana Fosters

Note: Make this dessert in front of your date, it’s more impressive.

1 Banana- sliced into pieces

1 oz Brown Sugar

1 oz Butter

1/5 oz Banana Liquor

1/5 oz Brandy

2 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

Cinnamon (in a shaker)

Directions:  Heat up a pan.  Put brown sugar in the pan, and start melting.  Constantly stirring sugar until it’s mostly melted, add butter.  Stir until you see a caramel sauce forming.  Add your banana slices, and stir until it coats the banana.  Add liquor and brandy and tilt pan into the fire…


The pan is going to flame up on you, be VERY, VERY, VERY careful!  A major house fire is not the way to impress her. Once it flames up, let fire die a little, then shake cinnamon over the remaining fire, it should sparkle.  Once the fire dies out, add sauce/banana mixture to ice cream.  Only make one, share and feed each other…trust me, it’s sexy.

Not all that hard, or that expensive, but a very nice way to tell someone that you care about how you feel on Valentines day.

* Natasha’s Caesar Note: Didja know this dressing was invented by an Italian named Caesar Cardini in restaurants in Mexico and California? Evidently he was drinking loads of booze in Tijuana, escaping the confines of prohibition and at some point ran out of usual staples. He totally made this dressing on the fly! Cool huh. You can buy a bottled version at any grocery store and it is absolutely scrummy! Or you can be all wacky and try an make your own. But you are under the pressure that Ryan thinks you might, just buy some Cardini’s! But whatever you do, Ryan has got you covered!!!

About tashierags

I love food. I love eating it, I love playing with it, I love growing it, I love having it served to me, I love traveling to discover it and I love all the things that go with it, like wine and conversation, ambiance and entertainment, relaxation, divine inspiration and laughter. I will never be a professional chef. I like to like the act of cooking too much to be angry about having to make it for people I don't know, on a schedule, with the pressure to succeed. I am much happier learning, taking risks, exploring and taking my time in the process. So instead I make it for the people I love. I share it with the people of my choosing and give it as a gift. Lately, it seemed that I was having so many requests and conversations about the food I make and the restaurants I visit that I thought that a blog might be a cool way to discuss the art, luxury, necessity, irreverence, beauty, rebelliousness and spirituality of the thing that keeps us alive and happy.....food.
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