Hearth: A Cafe for the Cool Cats

Sunabe Sea Wall on a  Beautiful Okinawa Winters Day.

Sunabe Sea Wall on a Beautiful Okinawa Winters Day.

Okinawa winters are generally rainy and grey, almost resembling the “soft days” of English autumns. You know, the sort of day that makes you want to curl up like a cat in a warm duvet and watch Hitchcock films and drink tea. Yet every week or two you get blessed with a beautiful, sunny, “Indian summer-esque” weekend and the first impulse I have is to run down to the seaside and sit in some beach-shack cafe. Someplace I can get simple, local, delicious food, a glass of wine and luxuriate in the sun while listening to the waves. Lucky for me I have the perfect spot! Hearth Cafe on the Sunabe sea wall!

A great hangout!

A great hangout!

The shabby-chic, shack-like Hearth sits on a corner at the very end of the sea wall road, with a lovely outer deck, an inside patio area and a small interior seating area. The menu is pretty simple, but offers everything from Breakfast to Dinner. Pancakes, chorizo, eggs and bacon grace the breakfast menu while the lunch and dinner menu offers beautiful, creative dishes. Sandwiches like the Aloha Sandwich which consists of avocado, shrimp, cream cheese and lettuce all brought together with a luscious nut cream dressing, scrumptious.

Taco Rice a la Hearth

Taco Rice a la Hearth

The California Surfer’s bowl is chock full of healthy tuna, egg, daikon, sprouts and seaweed, and of course their quality, delicious take on the usual Okinawan suspects like Loco Moco, Taco Rice, and other rice bowls. There is an entire page of specialty coffee drinks, like the chocolate cream latte Jason procured, and another page of teas, and yet ANOTHER page of smoothies.

Fancy a fancy coffee?

Fancy a fancy coffee?

And not to be missed, along with their desserts, is the famed “Hearth Toast” which is essentially a riff on french toast served as a stack with your choice of fruits and toppings including whipped cream, caramel and ice cream. It’s a diabetic nightmare!

In the foreground is Jason's Teriyaki Chicken Bowl.

In the foreground is Jason’s Teriyaki Chicken Bowl.

I mainly hang at Hearth for a late lunch and have tried many of their great lunch sets, which…heh heh heh…include a free glass of wine or beer if you so desire! Yesterday my husband and I had a wonderful lunch. I tried the B.L.T.C Sandwich that was stuffed with thick cut, local bacon and drizzled in cream cheese and mayo.

Bacon Lettuce Tomato and Cheese Sandwich! Soooo good!

Bacon Lettuce Tomato and Cheese Sandwich! Soooo good!

Jason dove head first into their unbelievably decadent teriyaki chicken bowl. The meals came with onion consomme and a shredded cabbage salad.

As we sat in the sunshine, enjoying our slowly filling bellies, we were greeted by two of the local stray kitties that wander the sea wall. This area, full of restaurants and bars, with access to the tide pools make Sunabe a feral cat paradise. If you know my husband and I, you would think that this would result in a new adoption every time we ventured to the area, but the cats are remarkably healthy, little fat and happy kitties, and are considered essentially part of the neighborhood. The mama and her little one that came to have lunch with us I had already been acquainted with on my last visit, and it was amazing to see how big the baby had grown….stuffed with Hearth scraps, no doubt. And with food like this, I imagine we all are fat, happy cats when we leave.

Mama Cat: Welcome to Hearth. I shall be taking your leftovers, thank you!

Mama Cat: Welcome to Hearth. I shall be taking your leftovers, thank you!

Check out their website for phone number and directions at http://www.hearth-cafe.com/





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I love food. I love eating it, I love playing with it, I love growing it, I love having it served to me, I love traveling to discover it and I love all the things that go with it, like wine and conversation, ambiance and entertainment, relaxation, divine inspiration and laughter. I will never be a professional chef. I like to like the act of cooking too much to be angry about having to make it for people I don't know, on a schedule, with the pressure to succeed. I am much happier learning, taking risks, exploring and taking my time in the process. So instead I make it for the people I love. I share it with the people of my choosing and give it as a gift. Lately, it seemed that I was having so many requests and conversations about the food I make and the restaurants I visit that I thought that a blog might be a cool way to discuss the art, luxury, necessity, irreverence, beauty, rebelliousness and spirituality of the thing that keeps us alive and happy.....food.
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6 Responses to Hearth: A Cafe for the Cool Cats

  1. evan ragsdale says:

    Nice job. It looks like a place even I could at, except for the cats.

  2. Connie Lewis says:

    The perfect busser…of sorts. Your blog, besides making me hungry (again), tickles my “funnybone”! ❤

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  4. Lola K. says:

    The picture of that BLT sandwich is the reason why I read this article. #Delicious.

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