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Four Meals in One: A Life Lesson in the Great Cornish Game Hen

We, who do not live in the third world, have been afforded the luxury of making big meals, putting leftovers in the fridge, forgetting them and throwing them out. According to a study done by the Swedish Institute for Food … Continue reading

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I Dream of Bollywood, or “Oh Wow, Curry!”

How does Bollywood dream, you ask? Let me tell you. It dreams in vibrant, verdant, unctuous, “holy-hell-that’s hot!” curries, naan and lassis, that is how. Ladies and Gentleman of the table, I present to you, tonight, an extraordinary feat in … Continue reading

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Grace Kelly’s Crab Boil Picnic

Seafood. Oh good lordy, SEAFOOD! I live on a tropical island and so obviously the bounty of the ocean is pretty prevalent in the local cuisine, which is damn lucky for me because I sure can’t get enough of it! … Continue reading

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The First Extravagance

There is a lot of hype about salt now-a-days. Sea salt, to be specific. I myself use the intense seasoning in most of my cooking. And all these years, sprinkling away, I never really took much time to consider just … Continue reading

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